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The Reclusive Writer
With a Mighty Pen
Ciugu Mwagiru

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Meja Mwangi began his prolific writing career in the 1970s,
when he burst onto the scene with the award-winning
Kill Me Quick.
He was hailed in various quarters as a rising star in the East African
literary constellation who was helping to disprove the claims that East
Africa was a literary desert (Taban 1965, Nazareth 1976).  Since then,
Meja Mwangi has gone on to establish himself as one of the most
prolific of Kenyan writers, publishing eleven novels in seventeen years
in addition to short stories, children's books and working with a variety
of projects in film. Mwangi's works have received awards in Kenya and
abroad, they have been translated into six languages, and there are
film versions of two of his novels.
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Writing Lively Stories Set in
Colonial and Postcolonial
MEJA MWANGI, the acclaimed author ofGoing Down River Road
The Cockroach Dance” and “Kill Me Quick”, is an eclectic writer
whose fascination with story-telling has created such diverse works as
Bush Doctor”, “Crossroads”, “Carcase for Hounds”, “Rafiki” and
Christmas Without Tusker” among others.

Among his best known books are
The Cockroach Dance, Baba Pesa,
Crossroads, and Rafiki.
Meja Mwangi
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$ 14.99
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Meja Mwangi's
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A Human Rights Reading of
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