Three  days  after  Christmas,  a  lanky  youth  
in  torn  jeans  and  unruly  dreadlocks  turned  
up  at  Padre  Pardo’s church.
He was
accompanied by a thoroughly mixed mongrel dog that,
like the young man seemed in need of fattening. They
found the padre standing in the churchyard, right where
the car park would have been, if he had a car owning
congregation, armed with a slasher and sweating heavily.
“Preachers don’t do that,” said the young man. “They
make their followers do all the hard work. But then, you
don’t have followers, do you?”

In this return to Kambi , Meja Mwangi revives
the hard women and their harder men who
Baba Pesa such a fun read.  Phil
- The Black Street Review
Copyright © 2016 by Meja All rights reserved.
Christmas Without Tusker
hm books 2015
ISBN 978-0-982012680
226 Pages
$ 12.95
A day before Christmas, Kambi men realize they have made a grave mistake handing
over their businesses to their wives to run. The wives have conspired to ground their
men for Christmas by closing all  the town's bars to keep their men at home. There is
panic, as the town runs out of beer and men struggle to survive their first ever dry

In this novel Meja Mwangi revives Kambi’s hard men and their harder women, the
people who made “Baba Pesa” such a fun read. Mwangi’s keen eye for the drama and
humor in everyday rural life in Kenya shines his work.