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Yvonne wanted to get married and have
children. One of her sisters was married to a
bus driver and had five children. Another sister
had a fish trader for a husband and seven
children. Her brother, a police officer, had six
children. Having children was a tradition in her
family. She would not grow old and die without
     Rasta’s family was even larger, and they
had to have a say in everything that any one
of them did, from how they dressed, to which
school they went to, what they studied, whom
they liked and especially whom they hated.       
The Fangs Clan was unanimous in whom they
hated. They hated politicians and policemen,
and they mistrusted preachers. They
suspected strangers, and anyone whose
grandparents they did not know was a
stranger, no matter how long he lived among
them. They did not marry outside of Laikipia
County, and most of them had never heard of
Bondo County. Rasta knew what they would
say, if they heard she was marrying someone
from Bondo.
     “Is he rich?”
     “Does he like Children?”
     “Can he pull teeth?”
     “Where is Bondo?”
     That would be Grandfather Fangs biggest
problem; finding out where Bondo was. He
would eventually understand that Bondo was
not a Dorobo village over the Loldaiga hills,
but Rasta was not certain how long it would
take him, and the rest of the clan, to realise
Yvonne was not a man’s name.