If maps told the truth, Bush Hospital would not
 It would not sit at the bottom of Happy Valley, between the
mountains of hope and despair, and a little to the southwest of the red
savannah.  In fact, according to one map,
Vasco da Gama’s Route Map Of
nomads did not flock there to trade livestock for grain during the famine.

But maps lied and, to the grateful people of Happy Valley, none of whom
had ever heard of Vasco da Gama or of his famous map, Bush Hospital
was as real as rain.  It was a huge, white structure sitting amid ancient
thorn trees at the bottom of the valley surrounded by a barbed wire fence
that had long ago despaired of keeping the hyenas out.

From the collapsed perimeter fence, a single telephone wire sagged its way
across four black poles, dipped down along an overgrown driveway and
terminated at the white building.  Both ends of the wire dangled in the air
at the start and finish of its short journey from the building to the gate.  
The other part of this monstrous lie sat in the matron’s office, squatting
like a big, black toad among the dusty files on her desk.
The telephone had preceded the solar generator that powered it into
oblivion by a whole decade.  er been a Doctor Singh at the hospital.
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The Boy Gift
hm books 2007
202 Pages
ISBN 978-1-84728-471-6
With storms gathering over his head, Tomei learns a secret. His
grandfather never had a son of his own, yet he became a great chief of
Happy Valley clans. The knowledge starts Tomei on a quest. He journeys
to the Out World, where it is rumoured that life changes hands for a goat
or two. He returns empty-handed, but wiser, having faced many trials
and learned from them. Then, just as he is about to accept his fate and
resign himself to a life of ridicule, a stranger appears to solve Tomei's

Suspicions and superstitions cause chaos, when Happy Valley debates
what to do with Tomei’s little, green-eyed monster.
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