Mwangi’s keen eye for the drama and humor in everyday rural life in Kenya
shines throughout his work.
Striving for the Wind, set in the drought
years of the 1980s, contrasts a traditional farmer, who is
dependent on oxen for plowing, with a wealthy neighbor whose
imported tractor is incapacitated during a global petrol crisis. While
this novel is suitable for young adults, it does not shy away from
some painful realities. It includes the seduction of a young schoolgirl
by a rich old man, and when the young girl becomes pregnant, his
son says that he will marry her in his father’s place.

'... a masterly, artistic representation of the reality, contradictions,
aspirations and problems of a post-colonial Kenyan community in Central Kenya.'

Sunday Nation

'Mwangi... weaves a thread of humour through a fabric of tears.  ...
STRIVING FOR THE WIND (Baba Pesa) is an instructive exploration of the true
nature of the human condition in rural Kenya and a fascinating appreciation of
the foibles and vibrancy of the human soul.’

The Weekly Review
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hm books, 2007
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ISBN 978-0-9796476-3-5
Baba Pesa
Striving For The Wind
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