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The Hunter's Dream
More than anything, Kori and his wife wish for a
child.  Kori goes on a up when his strangest dream
comes true.  He brings his treasure home with him
and for a time little Thoni gives them nothing but
joy.  But can this unexpected happiness last?
For young Kariuki, life is one great adventure. And
when he meets Nigel life becomes even more interesting.
Nigel is from England and he has come to visit his great
grandfather, the fearsome Bwana Ruin who owns the farm
where all the villagers work. The villagers call suspicion.

"[The] Mzungu Boy, with its play of light and dark, innocence
and experience, goodness and evil, is a superb achievement
on the part of its author, Meja Mwangi." -
Globe and Mail
Jimi the Dog
suddenly, all routine is distupted as the boy embarks
on a long and hzazardous learning adventure with the
dog as both the lesson and the teacher.
Mountain of Bones

Jimi the dog goes missing and Kariuki does not know
where to look for him.  Is it really safe to go to
Majengo to look for Jimi?
HM Books cover of The Mzungu Boy by Meja Mwangi
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HM Books cover of Mountai of Bones by Meja Mwangi