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120 pgs
ISBN 978-0-9796476-3-5
Meja Mwangi's first novel, Kill Me Quick, was written in 1973.  
This novel displays Mwangi’s talent for writing lively stories
depicting rural youth and societal problems in Kenya. It narrates
the experiences of Meja and Maina, two youths who have come to
the city with the hope of bettering their lives, confident that their
high school diplomas will lead to success. However, they are
unable to compete for jobs in the city and, ultimately, they resort
to petty theft and crime, and being exploited by employers. Vivian
Yenika-Agbaw, in her article ‘Half Education Is Madness!’: Mwangi’s
Teenage Characters Battle Poverty in a Post colonial African City,'
states that the novel shows the failure of the educational
curriculum in post colonial Africa. She writes that it is 'a typical
story of a dream deferred because each pays the price of daring
to hope for a better life' (15). Kill Me Quick was also made into a
stage play.