They were assembled in a large hut, next to a crumbling, and
ruthless men who had seen woeful days and never forgotten about them.  
They were all former formers and united by having been formerly something
that they could no longer be.  They were labourers and lawyers, doctors and
drivers, mechanics and muggers, students and smugglers and men from all
walks of a former life; people condemned to the Pit for any number of
reasons including their ethnic heritage and their political thought, or simply
for being on the wrong side of the fence when the call was sounded and the
gates slammed shut; for reasons none of which mattered anymore.
The Big Chiefs is the story of greed for power and wealth
at the expense of humanity.

In this apocalyptic novel, Meja Mwangi, spins a moral tale
of courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and tells a
story that is full of love and compassion, and one that is
as heart-warming as it is disturbing.
Phil Bright -The
Black Street Review
The Big Chiefs
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"... i find this novel (The Big Chiefs) a great piece of
literature, impressive and despairingly reflecting the realities,
despite its ending. I actually virtually saw it as a piece of
theatre and could very well imagine it performed on stage.  It
has a power reminding me of Waiting for Godot".
 Ruedi Küng

Schweizer Radio DRS
After a successful career as a civil servant, the Old Man breaks
ranks with the Big Chiefs and is banished to live in poverty in the Pit.
In a bitter recollection, he reveals how the Big Chiefs set their subjects
against one another in order to weaken and control them. Now, like
the Old Man who made it to the top, romanced with power and came
tumbling down into the Pit, the Boy and his generation are after the
power that the Big Chiefs deem as theirs and theirs alone.

In this adaptation of Meja Mwangi’s apocalyptic novel, The Big Chiefs,
the author has crafted a play that is just as  inspiring.
HM Books cover of The Big Chiefs by Meja Mwangi