Weapon of Hunger is perhaps Meja
Mwangi's best book yet.
The picture he paints of the
relentless quest for modern Africa is grim. What is most depressing, is
that there seem to be no  solutions.  Western philanthropists, such as
Jack Rivers, are portrayed in a favourable light as sincere people. All
their energies, however, are expended on trying to understand Africa's
problems and once they understand them they realise that the
problems are beyond them. As for the Africans themselves, they could
have provided solutions, but since they are lined up in warring
factions, that is impossible.  While the two sides fight on to the finish,
will million of ordinary people continue to starve to dead? That is the
questions which Meja Mwangi asks himself and which he asks the
readers of weapon.

Lyne Mansure, Weekly Review
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Weapon of Hunger
by Meja Mwangi
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